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by Madeline Lippmann, Grade 11
你曾经坐在一个安静的房间里,听着时钟的滴答声吗? 时间在流逝,你数着一秒一秒地从指缝间溜走.  
“Tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock” it’s like a taunt. This persistent alert makes me worry about the nearing future; getting into university, becoming an adult, living on my own, and all the possibilities life throws at us after high school. In those seconds where the clock just keeps ticking, I don’t know what to think or do, and I just want to be able to stop time. The thing is, I can’t. 我不能冻结这一刻,希望此时此地就是永远. Time has passed far too quickly and I can’t catch up.

当然, we all know how fast time passes by. Childhood came and left in a blur. 但, for me that time as a child was ever so fulfilling. I look back on most memories with fond recollection. Playing games in our basement with my brothers, building snow forts in the backyard with my dad, doing plays with my mom, 和朋友们一起过夜,回想起那些时光,让我怀念童年. 当然, there were the few moments that weren’t pleasurable, that make me sad and feel sorry for my younger self. 但, when I look back on my childhood, 这些都不是鲜活地浮现在我脑海中的事件或经历. It’s the good ones.
即使当我回顾过去的几年,糟糕的事情也不会首先映入我的脑海. It’s the good ones, like doing horror movie marathons with friends, playing spikeball every night in the spring,  going on sports trips and to team dinners, winning tournaments, 看着每个人脸上的微笑,我们在回家的公交车上唱出我们的心声. 深夜和室友谈论生活或做作业, playing ping-pong or pool in the student centre, participating in and watching prefect versus staff sports games, scorching hot or pouring rain all campus days. 熄灯,听音乐,笑声从每层楼的房间里传来. Witnessing the talents and capabilities so many of us possess, from art and music to sports and school. 当我回忆起这些美丽多彩的回忆,我希望我能重温,我经常感到悲伤. 我真的很想在时光流逝之前,把这些瞬间定格下来,重新体验每一秒.

但 as I said, I can’t. 没人能, 但我认为我们从中吸取的重要教训是,仅仅因为我们现在拥有的美好记忆已经成为过去, doesn’t mean more can’t be made in the future. This goes for everyone, whether you are coming back to Stanstead or moving on, the memories you have made will stay with you, 但更多充满幸福和喜悦的回忆可以被制造出来. Further the collection of goodness and happiness for yourself. Talk to new people, explore new horizons, try to do something maybe you’ve never done before, of course not every memory will be perfect or the best, but that’s life. 关键是让自己坚持下去,这样即使有不好的经历, you can always keep making good ones. 

我想引用著名剧作家奥斯卡·王尔德的话来结束我的演讲, who once said that “memory is the diary we all carry about with us.” So, 请, remember that memories can of course be reflected on, but we have to keep writing and creating them as well, 用无尽的快乐和美好的回忆填满我们的“日记”,直到永远.